Partner with Colgin for Professional Contract Packaging

The Colgin Companies has more than 70 years’ experience in bottling, labeling and packaging a variety of high-quality products. Choosing to partner with Colgin for contract packaging—or co-packing—affords companies the benefits of lower capital expenses for warehouse space, machinery and employees. We also offer complete compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, as we possess the necessary certifications and permits. Our FDA-approved and quality-controlled facility has the capacity to fill, label and package a wide range of liquid products in multiple industries, including the beverage industry.

Why Choose a Co-Packer?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to manufacture their own products, companies, entrepreneurs and small business owners have a couple of options from which to choose. They could choose to manufacture, label and package their products themselves, or they could use a co-packer for professional contract packaging services. Brands often make the decision to use co-packing to reap benefits ranging from lower capital requirements and overall better costs to complete compliance to local, state and federal packing regulations.

The Colgin Companies has decades of experience with manufacturing, bottling and packaging our own products—Gourmet Worcestershire Sauce and Liquid Smoke—and invites brands that have a liquid product that needs to be packaged to take advantage of our contract packaging services. Our FDA-approved, quality-controlled co-packing facility has the capacity to manufacture, fill, label and package a wide range of liquid and viscous products, such as sauces, in multiple industries.

Contact Colgin for Contract Packaging Services

Are you considering using a co-packer to manufacture and package your company’s product? We encourage you to contact the Colgin Companies today. We are more than happy to assist your brand in any way we can.

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