Richard (Dick) Colgin, born in 1899, started with his father, S.E. Colgin, manufacturing and distributing meat curing products for the farm and store.

In 1938, S.E. Colgin was granted a patent for Smoke Flavoring Condiments #2129047. After his death, Dick carried on the family business until refrigerated warehouses became popular in the 1940's. This spelled the decline of home meat curing. Dick resourcefully experimented and improved his liquid smoke formula to the one we use today.

In 1945, the Richard E. Colgin Company, Inc. was founded in Dallas, Texas, where it grew under the auspicious direction of Dick Colgin until his death in 1971. Afterwards, his daughter, Louise Colgin Pryor, and her husband, Gene H. Pryor, took over the company management. Today, Elizabeth Gardner, Dick's granddaughter and her husband, Mark Gardner, run The Colgin Companies as it is now known.

Below is a direct quote from Dick Colgin about the company history and his passion for the Colgin product line...

The Colgin Story and Colgin Natural Liquid Smoke materials from the 1950s

"When as a small boy, visiting on the farm of my grandfather, I quickly learned that the hardest and most tedious of all his farm tasks came at hog cooking time. We had to chop mountains of wood and continuously tend the fire in the old smokehouse for fear of burning up the meat. And right then, as I watched the fats and juices go drip-drip-drip and form a greasy puddle on the floor (because the heat was really dehydrating the meat of its savory juices and flavor), I thought that surely there must be some easier, quicker and better way of smoking and preserving meats.

Well, a few years later the discovery of a method for changing gaseous "smoke" into "liquid" form was a phenomenal achievement. Fine smoking woods were slowly smoldered (not burned), and the released gases were condensed and liquefied. Further experiments resulted in a formula of ingredients which, when added to the condensed smoke, exactly duplicated the true smokehouse flavor but without the long, hard work and the tremendous waste of meat juices and flavor. Naturally I have my own ideas about constantly improving our old formulas to conform with scientific knowledge and modern methods, and it is my sincere belief that you will find our Colgin products superior to any others you have ever used, regardless of brand name or price."